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Cider in progress
The small cider carboy (left) contains fresh crushed apples, which we processed through an apple mill and then squeezed the resulting pulp through a press. Cider yeast is added to the juice, then set aside to ferment. Fermentation can take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months for cider. The larger container of cider was started about 2 weeks ago. We used 4 gallons of store bought cider and a container of liquid yeast. This should be ready for bottling in a couple of weeks. The brewers need to give the Webminister some updated information and pictures. :-)

The Shire's brewers have been making several beverages this year. Beer, mead and wine of various flavours have been fermenting for weeks. We'll have some recipies posted as soon as the brewers get the information to the Webminister!


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