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Herbal Guild

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Any species of plant that contains medicinal substances which are in harmony with the human body and are capable of preventing or curing disease.

Active Constituent: Part of the herb that is responsible for the healing action. May be more than one - but one is always dominant.

Fungus: Mushrooms, toadstools - plants that lack chlorophyll

Tea: Mild preparation of herbs. Obtained by pouring boiling water over herb and steeping for 5 minutes - 1 teaspoon of herb for 1 cup water.

Infusion: A stronger preparation of herbs. Obtained by pouring boiling water over herbs and steeping for 20 minutes - 30 gm. of herb to 1 pint water.

Decoction: An extract or substance obtained through boiling. Used primarily for hard woody substances.

Linament: A type of thin ointment.

Ointment: A medicinal or cosmetic preparation applied to the skin.

Poultice: A warm, soft, moist substance usually prepared with boiling water and thenspread on a cloth and applied to an inflamed part of the body to draw out infection. Acts as a counter irritant.

Weed: Any plant growing in a location in which it is not desired.

Directions for Making Soap using herbs

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