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The Shire of Rockhaven has started its own Armory! The armory has completed sets of Wisby-style coat-of-plates armor. Several more are in various stages of production. We also have several armorers working on various chain maile projects. In addition, some fooks have been working on breastplates and assorted other pieces.

Visit our new Sugarloaf Helm Project page! Warning: The page is graphic intensive and may take time to load.

Leather gorget
Lord Sigeric's new gorget!
Detail on gorget Inside wisby Coat-of-Plates
Detail of the artwork on the gorget's front side.  Note the Rockhaven device! Interior detail shot of the coat.
Outside Wisby Coat-of-Plates Detail of Wisby Coat-of-Plates
Exterior shot of the coat. Detail shot of the decorative red inset, also showing the copper rivets used on the coat.


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