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Sugarloaf Helm Project Logo

by Steven Johnson & Lord Sigeric

This summer Steve and Sigeric are attempting create and complete 2 Sugarloaf helms. The Sugarloaf helms were the next step in the evolution of the Great Helm . Although none are extant, such helms are frequently found in illustrations and on knightly effigies circ. 1275-1300. The tall, pointed top of the Sugarloaf offered a much better glancing surface than the older flat-tops, allowing blows from sword, mace, or axe to be harmlessly deflected. A bold brass cross enhances of most of these helms. Through out the summer we will be posting pictures of our progress, and please feel free to make any comments or suggestions (...because we don't know what the heck we are doing...).

This project was started on May 16, 2002: The first step was to create patterns for all of the parts, which we then transferred to the steel. Each part was cut out using a hand shears and required additional grinding and filing to remove any excess burrs.

June's Progress:
After all the parts are cleaned up, the next job is the forming of the helm halves. The process starts with pounding each half into the dishing form. The form we are using is made from the bottom of a welding tank. This allows us to work curves into the metal and make a "Hopefully" rounded shape.

To complete the shape of each helm half, it was worked over a variety of ball stakes. The fun part was trying to make both sides of the helm identical.

After you get each side to match, the two halves can be welded together. Any additional welding on the outside needed to be ground off to make a smooth transition between the sides.

Holes for the flip up visor were added to Sigeric's helm. be continued


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